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Microtech 206-1TS - Makora D/E Tactical Standard

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The story of the Makora originates back in the early 90s, during a trade show Anthony Marfione attended to promote Microtech Knives. While there, Tony met Deepak and Deepika Chopra. When showing the couple the original prototype, which featured a double glass breaker reminiscent of insect fangs, Deepika said the knife reminded her of an ant, termed “Makora” in their home country of India. And so the Makora got its name, along with a deep-engraved insect on the pocket clip to signify its meaning. The knife was officially released to the public in 2003.

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About the Brand

Microtech Knives, born in 1994 in Florida and now calling North Carolina home, excels in producing top-tier automatic knives. Celebrated for "Out The Front" (OTF) and "Double Action" models with exceptional precision, Microtech has been pivotal in the resurgence of tactical knives, combining expert collaborations and cultural presence to reinforce their position as a premier innovative knife manufacturer.

Customer Reviews

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Richard Bean
Bad a** knife

I love knives, I've always carried one. I served in the Marines, if I could carry my K-Bar fighting knive everywhere, I would. However, the K-Bar is a little much for everyday use. This little bad a** Microtect is my new favorite knive. Light wieght and sharp as hell. I carry it no matter what clothes I'm wearing. It's very slim, so it's easy to access your pocket while it's clipped and hanging inside my pocket, and I have hugh hands. I went to a football game recently in Nashville, forgot to take it out of my pocket when we parked. I walked through the metal detectors, nothing. I got wanded, nothing. My girlfriend had the one I bought her in her boot. Nothing. Like I said, these knives are bad a**. I'm gonna buy more of these knives for Christmas and give them to my family and close friends. You won't regret this purchase.

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