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Lansky 4 Pack Coarse to U Fine Curved
Lansky 4 Pack Coarse to U Fine Curved

Lansky 4 Pack Coarse to U Fine Curved

The new Lansky's Curved Blade Hones were developed to aid in the difficult task of sharpening inwardly curved blades (concave) such a karambits, kukris and scythes. The Curved Blade Hones will be available in four different grits; Coarse, Medium, Fine and Ultra Fine. The Coarse and Medium grits will use alumina oxide abrasive, where the Fine and Ultra Fine will feature Silica Carbide abrasive. The full set of these new hones includes everything needed to bring any dull or damaged inwardly curved blade to razor sharpness. The set of four includes all four hones which include coarse, medium, fine and ultra fine grit.

Custom Engraving


Eagle Valley Cutlery offers Advanced Etching Service Options for your favorite knife. Sayings, Names, Dates and Initials with many available Fonts and Styles. We can also do business logos for your customers and employees! Great also for Groomsmen! So let us help you customize your personal gift!

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