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Collection: Great Eastern Cutlery

Great Eastern Cutlery

With our two other brands, “NORTHFIELD UN-X-LD and TIDIOUTE CUTLERY”, our emphasis is on making knives much like those made during the golden age of pocket knives, the early 1900’s. They are made using mostly very traditional handle materials with blades made from 1095 carbon steel, quite often referred to as “your grand dads steel”. When properly heat treated and ground, 1095 carbon steel will produce a very tough blade of high polish that will easily take and hold an extremely keen edge. But it will always have one drawback. It will stain and rust. That is not a problem for many but to satisfy the need for a knife that will not stain and rust we have our Great Eastern Cutlery line of knives with blades and springs made of stainless steel. This brand, also made in classic pocket knife designs and of exceptional craftsmanship, has blades of 440C stainless Steel. It was not until the 1950’s when stainless steel started catching on with pocket knife manufacturers and consumers. 440C stainless was one of the first stainless blade steels designed for the cutlery market. It is still being used and is still one of the very best stainless cutlery steels. It attains a very high hardness when heat treated. With it’s blend of alloys that make it exceptionally tough, it can be brought to an edge easier that tool steels and can be mirror polished as good as any, and will not rust. We try to keep our Great Eastern Cutlery knives as All American as possible by using American cattle bone, American elk antlers and American hardwood for handle materials. They are easily recognizable with the Great Eastern Cutlery acorn shield.
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