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FREE SHIPPING On All Orders Over $50
The Benchmade Knife: Quality, Craftsmanship, and a Legacy

The Benchmade Knife: Quality, Craftsmanship, and a Legacy

Benchmade knives have been around for more than thirty years and are known for their quality craftsmanship and lasting legacy. From its inception in 1979, the Benchmade brand has been creating knives that are made to last and have become an icon of the knife industry. 

Design and Durability

No matter the style of knife you’re looking for, Benchmade has something to offer. Whether you need a folding everyday carry (EDC) or a fixed blade hunting knife, they have it all. They make knives with many different types of materials including G10 handle scales and S30V steel blades which is perfect for any type of outdoor adventure. All Benchmade Knives also come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects as well as free sharpening services to keep your knife always in peak condition.


Benchmade is constantly innovating their designs by adding new features such as safety locks and flipper tabs that make their knives easier to open and close. In addition, they are using different materials such as aluminum handles and Damascus steel blades that give their knives an extra level of strength and beauty. Their newest line of tactical folders is designed to be lightweight yet strong enough to provide maximum performance in any situation. No matter what your needs are, Benchmade will have something that fits them perfectly!

Customer Service

Not only does Benchmake produce quality products but they also provide exceptional customer service. They stand behind all of their products 100%, offering returns on unused items within 30 days as well as repairs if needed after that time period. Additionally, they offer sharpening services free of charge so you don’t have to worry about buying expensive sharpeners every few months just to keep your blade in top shape!

Benchmade knives are built to last with quality craftsmanship and innovation at the forefront of each design. Whether you’re looking for an EDC or hunting folder, a tactical folder or even a fixed blade model; Benchmake has something for everyone no matter what your needs may be! And with their lifetime warranty program coupled with free sharpening service; you can rest assured knowing that your purchase will last you for years to come! So if you’re looking for high-quality reliability coupled with excellent customer service; then look no further than Benchmade Knives!

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