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Microtech Knives – Best Combat Knives in the Industry

Microtech Knives – Best Combat Knives in the Industry

Microtech makes some of the best combat knives in the industry. Every time they design a knife, whether a fixed blade or an automatic, they spend a lot of time and effort in the design, especially in the testing stage. Some of their most popular and enduring designs include the Ultratech OTF knife, the SCARAB series, the Troodon OTF knives, the Kestrel automatics, the LUDT automatics, and the UTX 70 OTF knives. Every knife they design gets field tested by real people in real situations. After they are sure the knives are top-notch, they release them for general production.

Whether it is one of the Microtech OTF knives, one of their automatic knives, or even one of their fixed blade knives--every Microtech knife looks great and performs when the going gets tough. Find a top-notch Microtech knife that fits your needs today at:

Microtech Knives designs some of the best combat knives in today's market. They take care in developing each knife--whether it be a fixed blade or an automatic. They also spend ample time testing each product before releasing it to ensure it is top quality.

Some of their most popular designs that have stood the test of time include:

  • The Ultratech OTF knife
  • The SCARAB series
  • The Troodon OTF knives
  • The Kestrel automatics
  • The LUDT automatics
  • And finally, the UTX 70 OTF knives

Each of these fantastic knives goes through field testing with real people to determine how well they will perform under pressure. Once Microtech is confident its product is up to par, it will release it for general purchase! You can find some of the best quality knives on the market today at: Shop now for fixed-blade knives, automatic knives, and even more!  

No matter what type of outdoor activity you enjoy--hiking, camping, fishing, etc.--it is always important to be prepared. And part of being crafted means always having a trusty knife at your side. When looking for a reliable knife that will never let you down, look no further than Microtech Knives. With a wide variety that are all field-tested and top quality, you're sure to find exactly what you need when shopping with Microtech Knives. So, what are you waiting for? Shop now at:

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